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About Amy Tobey


I am a parent, systems engineer, musician, and more.

While attending university as a music major, I got into MUDs. I played Realms of Despair for about a year before I realized I really wanted to hack on them. I had done a little BASIC on Apple IIe in middle school, so I figured "how hard could it be?"

Since all I had at the time was a 486 running Windows 95, my first experience with C was via Cygwin. Someone recommended that I pick up a copy of Slackware Unleashed from the student bookstore and give it try. I did. A couple months later I emerged from my apartment with early signs of neckbeard and headed off to Detroit to start my career as a Junior Systems Administrator. Many things have changed since then.

Over the 15 or so years of my career, I have worked on everything from hacking Linux kernel drivers to HTML5 games, mostly from some kind of devops role.

I am active on the usual social networks.

This website is generated with custom software written in Go and uses Twitter Bootstrap 3 as its foundation.

Content and code by Amy Tobey is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.