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Endurance Predation


I started running in August. It was soon after our puppy, Rufus, got clearance from the veterinarian to go for walks in the neighborhood. We started out by going on long walks. It wasn't wearing Rufus out, so I started running short distances with him. I'd be winded after 100ft, walk a while, then try again. I did that for many weeks. I took my time on purpose - my heart has 36 years of neglect to make up for, and my puppy needs to work up to it too. Rather than pushing too hard and injuring myself, I forced myself to take it easy and it has paid off. Over time, I got to the point where Rufus would fall behind during running intervals. That was satisfying. I ran two miles earlier this week.I feel awesome. That's two times further than I've ever run before.

Running is probably the smartest move I've made in a long time. I can think faster and more clearly. I sleep better and find it easier to relax. I'm down 10 pounds already with a goal to lose another 20 putting me below 200 pounds.

I'm happy to say that I'm turning into one of 'those people'. I can go on and on about why I love my Vibram Five-Fingers shoes. I'm doing my first 5k this December. I plan to do a 10k next summer, then a half marathon next winter.

If anybody else is interested in running in the Santa Run on December 15 in San Jose, leave a comment or ping @AlTobey on Twitter.