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TL;DR: Dragon Age Inquisition Review


Dragon Age: Inquisition (PS4) was really, really good. Here's my quick review. No spoilers here for those of you on the fence.

I did most of the side quests, including that insanely long skull/shards hide-and-seek and killed all 10 dragons (do it!). When it came time to fight the final boss, it was really more like slapping him around for 15 minutes before finally ending his destroy-the-world tantrum. It was satisfying to finish with full health. I had to pay attention but mostly I used the tactical view + R2 stepping and stomped him soundly.

The soundtrack was really well done and seamlessly integrated. The AI was a little disappointing until I figured out it needed help with targeting. Once targets are set it's pretty good.

I played a female dwarf rogue, which is what I played in Origins too. It's possible to choose a course where you never really believe you're the best person to lead the Inquisition but you do it because it's the right thing to do. I did that and it felt like that course was well written all on its own, not to mention the options of playing as privileged/blessed Herald or a sociopath (or both).

Pro tips:

  1. use tactical view for bosses, manually set your party's targets
  2. save T4 ingredients from dragons for T3 recipes
  3. take Dorian and Iron Bull out if you haven't romanced either of them. Trust me.

As a software engineer, I owe the team at Bioware a standing ovation. I only noticed a couple bugs in the 100+ hours I played the game and they were the kind of bug only an engineer would notice. They're doing something right over there.

Overall rating: A+, 100/100, it's the best single-player game I've played since Dragon Age: Origins.


— Renice PSN (@renice_psn) January 18, 2015


— Renice PSN (@renice_psn) January 18, 2015

#dragonageinquisition #PS4share

— Renice PSN (@renice_psn) January 18, 2015